Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is the Morristown Hoax a Good Thing?

I really didn't follow the Morristown UFO story, I saw all the headlines, but I just wasn't interested. Now that the hoaxers have come forward, been charged, sentenced and fined the story becomes a little more interesting. Dang just got a few flashbacks of the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax.

Early on in my paranormal blogging I thought about releasing balloons into the sky and filming them, for research purposes only and not to fool anyone, but after a little more thinking quite a few unknowns bugged me, what if the balloons interfered with air traffic, what if the balloons gained to much attention, what if my act created a life long false UFO story for someone. It was just to reckless and I gave up the idea.

Now the Morristown Hoaxers Chris Russo and Joe Rudy I feel have been very reckless, it's wasted a few peoples time and money, interfered with emergency services, but I do like some of what they have to say about gullibility and the UFO community, but I hate the way they tried to teach us a lesson.

So why ask if the Morristown Hoax is a Good Thing? Well, I think it is but not in the way they intended it to be. Along with the Georgia Bigfoot hoax, the Morristown hoax is a good example of why NOT to create a hoax, come forward or get caught and you get punished in some way. Hopefully these two examples is enough to make wannabe hoaxers think twice about trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the public.

The Hoax

Joe Rudy and Chris Russo's vlogs on how they perpetrated the hoax.


  1. [...] a little late to the party, surprise. Below is a video about how it was all done. Like the Morristown Hoax this was actually pretty high profile as well. Seems like there’s enough people with the will [...]

  2. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not, but I'm sure there is so much more to keep ufo fanatics occupied.

  3. awesome collection of videos! this is going to piss off alot of folks that have seen these style of lights before in the sky and felt they were UFO's. the Arazona one had me fooled but these folks saying the same random stuff. moving into the wind.

    never gonna trust vids seeing lights in the night sky again

  4. they did a good thing!

  5. I've had a few experiences recently that I haven't talked about on the blog yet that lead me to agree with what these guys did. Me and a few mates experienced something, but all our accounts of the situation were different and as a result all our differing opinions has skewed our thoughts on the event.

    Most say they've wasted the UFO communities time and effort, I say we're all just wasting time until an event that can't be denied.

  6. Nicely put Eric Marks, sad that these hoaxers have caused people to not trust reports coming out of Morristown, just hope it subsides at some point.

    The good I was talking about with this and other high profile hoaxes is not in the effect they have on legit cases, but on the effect it may have on wannabe hoaxers. There's been a couple high profile hoaxes in recent times with the end results for those involved not being very positive, so hopefully that could be enough to deter people from pulling of a major hoax. That said, even the little hoaxers out there on the net seem to be overshadowing almost everything legit, so much skepticism out there and not the good kind either.

    Thanks for the great comment Eric Marks, just realized how badly I titled this post.

  7. Text documents and some low quality photo's are not doing the trick anymore. I want to believe but the Skeptic in me is aware there is more huanted people then there is huanted places that will write up anything alter imaging and sware in a court room as to what they think they seen. yes this will make the job harder for those looking to provide UFO or proof for anything unknown.

    I think of the Phoenix Arazona lights, how come that area dont have any spotlights the size of the Bat-signal to shine up into the sky if such lights/craft is lingering.

    Law enforcement used Binoculars to see this was flares on baloons, how come our UFO hunters are not usen Binoculars? or even invest in a camra attachment to some toy store telescope?

    the title here is good, witness and hunters are just going to have to up the ante on such findings then this will do us all a whole lot better.


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