Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Horror Trailers: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Screw that other weekly themed post of mine, TWWIR, that was stupid, mainly because time wasted is boring.

Something I know I can stick to is as simple as posting a trailer for a movie that affected me when I was younger. This weeks trailer is for a movie that was responsible for my most terrifying nights sleep ever. I was about 12 when I saw this movie, I had no idea what I was in for and when it was time for bed, well, I was petrified under the covers all night long, drifting in and out of sleep with visions of chainsaws and a big fella wearing my face.

And that movie was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, before seeing this the likes of Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees filled my nightmares, but they had nothing on how real The Texas Chainsaw Massacre could really be, just a bunch of sadistic nutters that could really be living next door and that's what scared me most, the realization that people like this exist. The news made more sense for me after seeing The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
[caption id="attachment_1712" align="center" width="297" caption=""]The Texas Chainsaw Massacre[/caption]
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2-Disc Ultimate Edition)

The Trailer for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


  1. A fantastic movie, even after all these years.

  2. Great movie for sure, haven't seen it in years, I don't want to bust my illusions of it. Gotta see part two though, seen it once and can't remember a darn thing.


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