Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fort Delaware Ghost Video

This footage from the Ghost Hunter team has just been added to CNN's website, not sure why, maybe it's advertising it.

I'm actually quite confused why CNN has just put it up, I'm sure it's from an episode that aired months ago, Aura from Encounters with the Unexplained has a nice write up about the location this video was shot, Pea Patch Island, Delaware, Fort Delaware.

If what's in this video isn't a person then what is it?

Here's the link if the video above doesn't work.

EDIT: Maybe the video will work, maybe it won't, why can't these massive corps get there embeds working right.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Close UFO Footage from Italy

When I first saw this UFO video I thought it may have been the best I'd ever seen, so I bookmarked it for research later, that was awhile ago.

The video comes from Italy, I'm unsure as to who filmed it but I think it may be these two people Antonio Urzi, Simona Sibilla. They have a website called contattomassivo which is heavily dedicated to the video below, along with other UFO picture, videos they have taken, but it's kind of a pain to navigate.

The UFO seems like a physical object, not computer generated, we get a very close up very detailed view of the object and it appears to be moving around. In the very beginning there is a brief glimpse of something for reference other than the clouds. Other than that I'm stumped, a few things that bother me though, at times when viewing the video I get the feeling that the object could be smaller than it appears, also some of the camera movements remind of some experiments I've done with sticking things to windows.

One more thing which I think I'm starting to say a lot, this could be the best footage in the world, but a lot of the issues I see that people have with it is no reference or you could say no context, once the UFOs gone please don't stop recording, record your surroundings, record yourself, give us a little context with the fact, not at a later date.

Penn and Teller on NASA

The videos below are a show called Bullshit which is hosted by Penn and Teller, they cover all kinds of topics and this one just happens to be about NASA. Sometimes they go a little overboard and from a half an hour show you can't expect them to cover everything, but I thought there were some interesting topics bought forward in this, especially the bureaucracy of NASA and the issues surrounding a maned mission to Mars.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Drones are Real

Well, someones made a scale model of the 'Raj' drone that is. Man, mass produce that sucker, I'd buy one.

For more about the drones click here or check out the forum that the image below originates from, which is all about research into the drones.

Found out about it at forgetomori

Halloween Variety Special

Halloween's almost here and seeing I screwed up my run of Halloween themed posts, I thought I'd go ahead and create just one post full of Halloween goodness.

Get ready for the ride, it's going to be eclectic.

Here's a massive collection of great Halloween wallpapers and DIY-Tutorials.
This image was included amongst the other great creations.

+ halloween by ~kissmysteffy on deviantART

Intelligent Greenhouse produces HUGE dang pumpkin.

Here's an interesting set of Spooky space pictures.

This next link is for all those computer graphic enthusiasts out there, a great collection of Photoshop brushes and vector graphics all for Halloween. If you don't have the software to use these resources then the link will be no use to you.

What not to wear as a couple this Halloween.

Halloween Costumes are Cruel to Babies
I remember seeing the clip featured in this post ages ago and thinking the exact same things. Think fat bastard.

Onto some videos, some of these maybe from last year but they're all still great.

Something Cute.

Somethings Funny.

Halloween prank gone wrong.

Horror Friends

Horror Friends: Freddy Vlog

Horror Friends: Michael's Comeback

And finally a few creepy things.

Good old Rubber Johny

Girl attacked by demon!! Caught on surveillance camera - Would have thought I'd seen this before, very creepy.

Now lets see if I can find some more strange, creepy and scary videos for a posting blitz.

Have a great Halloween y'all.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Nuclear Power Plant UFO from Slovenia

From the Youtube description (which is a long one for a change) this video was recorded with a cell phone near the Krško Nuclear power plant in Slovenia by one of its employees. Seems to be a lot of U.F.Os coming out of Slovenia these days and it seems a lot of the stories/videos are trying to tie in with the October 14th thing.

There's some nice tricks in this video, I'm sure it's computer generated. It matches the lighting effects the cars are doing naturally, it illuminates the sky, but judging by its movement the object seems to be only yards away, I'd think it should illuminate the immediate area more the the clouds miles away.

Anyway the videos seems to be getting some major attention, maybe I'm missing something but usually when a video like this surfaces it gets shot down pretty quickly, from what I've been reading people seem to think it's genuine.


More UFO videos from Slovenia: Slovenia UFO Video

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gary McKinnon To Sick for Extradition

Gary McKinnon has been fighting extradition to the U.S for some time now, now there's headlines that he may be to sick for extradition.

McKinnon is facing extradition from the U.K to the states to face charges of hacking into military and NASA computers, he claims he was searching for proof of hidden tech and aliens. The U.S claims he caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, my feeling though, they got caught with their pants down, used that money to at least password protect their machines, in my eyes McKinnon actually did them a favor by pointing their laziness out.

I mean a part from snooping around, what damage did he actually do, I haven't been able to find any specifics, then again, if he ever does face those charges more info will probably surface.

It's gone on a little to long I feel, I say get a move on or leave him along, it seems to be more about making an example of him instead of the seriousness of his actions, which don't seem that bad at all, community service and life away from computers seems like a fitting punishment to me.

I'm just about to watch the interview below, so I can't talk about what it's like, looks interesting though.

Project Camelot interviews Gary McKinnon

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I may not be so social for a few days, sorry about the "countdown to Halloween", but there is so many parties at the moment, it's labor weekend here at the moment, I know, different than the states, but it is what it is. Listen to this and you'll know what kind of hero I want to be "andrea bocelli - romanza - por ti volare", no idea what he's saying, but I'm sure it's emotional.

Other than that, life has become before blogging, but I'll be back, and even before I know it. I think a 4th night of drinking will do it.

Just listen to "ave maria", it's the shite right there, the pop music of the yesteryear.

Feel free to kick my arse.

Friday, October 24, 2008

HDR Photos - Countdown to Halloween

With 5 days left until Halloween I thought I'd share some of the H.D.R (High Dynamic Range) images I've been making, not entirely scary, but the results are a little unexpected.

I'm really new to HDR photography and I know I'm doing it the lazy way.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Scariest Horror Scenes Ever - Countdown to Halloween

I must have missed a day, maybe I was on the cusp of the seventh day, so now it's the the sixth day. For the sixth day until Halloween we have the first part of the scariest horror movie scenes ever.

More than a few of these kept my eyes under the covers at night, especially "It". And "The Ring" was unexpected.

WARNING: If you haven't seen some of the horror movies featured it may ruin the whole movie for ya, that, and it may not be suitable for minors.

If you can't tell, I may have had a few or 15.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jail Ghost Face Video

Now this is a good one, I've watched about 100 youtube videos tonight and I wasn't expecting to find anything spooky. Found a few docos, a few things for Halloween, not much else, but this has got me excited, it's either really well done or a very convincing ghost video.

The description pretty much reads like any other, you know "me and a few friends... we had a camera... this is not staged" etc. Could very well be staged, but it's dang freaky. The videos shows a young fella talking into the camera and walking past a couple jail cell doors with windows, lucky they did the double take or I would have missed it.

Check it out and let me know what you think, ghost or not?

Nosferatu - Coutdown to Halloween

Judging by the counter to the right there's 8 days left until Halloween, about 7 or 6 days for me, but I ain't doing this for the kiwis.

Each day up until Halloween I'll be posting something creepy, spooky, scary to get into the Halloween spirit.

Today we have the classic silent film Nosferatu, based kind of on Bram Stoker's Dracula, which wasn't entirely allowed. It managed to survive despite copies of it being ordered destroyed as a result of legal rulings.

The rat faced Orlock used to scare the hell out of me and there's something about the film that still creeps me out, it's black and white and silent, something I'm sure a lot of us aren't used to.

As with Night of the Living Dead, Nosferatu is in the public domain, download it, do as you please with it, it's all legal.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Watch Night of the Living Dead

Seeing that Halloween is fast approaching I thought I'd get into the spirit and post something spooky everyday for the 9 or 10 days leading up to it. Halloween isn't really that big down here, though judging from the stores trying to it force it on us you wouldn't think so.

Anyway below is the classic George A. Romero film "Night of the Living Dead". This is the original version from 1968 which is now in the public domain, so feel free to download it in its glorious 4GB version or stream it below.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Newly Released UK UFO Files

Thanks to Atrueoriginall for the heads up on the UK's recent release of more UFO Files, now I just found out about this so I haven't had time to dig into any of the documents, but there does seem to be some buzz online already about some of the documents, especially the account of pilots ordered to shoot down a UFO.

Seems like some juicier stories in this set of documents than the previous set.

EDIT: Just looking through some of the PDFs, at random, there's a massive amount to read through, maybe thousands of pages. So far there seems to be a lot of repetition, a lot of requests from researches, lol, seems like they're hoping the MoD will slip up. Hit and miss at the moment. Come across a few interesting stories as well.

The Yowie

The following set of videos is all about the Yowie, the Australian version of Bigfoot, I'd say that if you want to know more about the Yowie these would be a great starting point. The videos come from Paranormal TV which has put together a wide range of short documentaries covering a lot of different areas of the paranormal. All their videos have the same polish and quality as the Yowie doco below and I'm sure I'll be posting a lot more of them.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Slovenia UFO Video

The below video supposedly shows a UFO landing in Ajdovscina, Slovenia on October 14th. I'd usually bookmark this into my C.G folder, but what's different is it seems to have made it onto a news station.

No idea what they're saying.

UFO over Slovenia in TV, October 14th 2008

Another video coming out of Slovenia: Nuclear Power Plant UFO from Slovenia

Also there are more links and videos contained in the comments below.

New Gnome Video

Remember the gnome video coming out of South America from awhile ago, well here it is if you don't remember.

Link to story.

Well it looks like it's back. Can we take these reports seriously? both stories look to have originated from, is that some kind of tabloid site. Or is it all just a little bit of fun.

Link to story.

Paranormal Activities Chat

Those of you who are regulars may have already noticed the gigantic chat box in the sidebar, it comes from a services called Chatroll, I really know nothing about it, except I'm really digging the service.

As well as the widget on this site you can also head over and use it on Chatroll where you'll be able to see in a nice tidy list all the links and videos that have been posted in the chat window and also the chat archives.

I discovered the service while browsing and after singing up saw ufoblogger also had a chat thing, both of theirs are very active.

So please be my guest and join Paranormal Activities Chatroll, I don't even think you have to register.

I want some Crystal Head Vodka

Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Head Vodka, looks expensive but, though if I ever do get some I'll probably down it while watching Ghost Busters 1 and 2.

Blossom Goodchild on the Oct 14 no show

I'm still not all up to date with the October 14 UFO thing, don't know the specifics, but I believe the following video is of Blossom Goodchild the medium who communicated the message of those who spoke to her. She ponders what went wrong.

She really does seem sincere about her message.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Istanbul UFO Videos

In 2007 a video appeared online coming from Istanbul claiming to be the most significant UFO footage of all time, it certainly looked like a solid object not C.G and very detailed, but from what I've seen of the 2007 footage it just seems dodgy.

Here's the 2007 Istanbul UFO video.

It's now 2008 and new footage of the object coming out of Istanbul, filmed by the same guy as the 2007 footage has appeared online, with the same claims of it being the most amazing footage of all time. The footage this time however is varied as it's a collection of clips filmed over a period of months, the clips are definitely more interesting than most UFO videos out there, but it all still seems dodgy.

Here's the 2008 Istanbul UFO videos.
İstanbul / Kumburgaz UFO's and ALIENS ARE BACK in 2008! from fox mulder on Vimeo.

The links will take you to detailed information about the videos, along with the conclusions of the investigators, but I can't make heads or tales of it. What I'm concerned about is how the videos are presented and even how they were filmed. The video cuts from one clip to the other becoming a mash of confusion. I have no idea if they deliberately edited this way to put the clips out of context, even though it's interesting footage, if you want to be taken seriously never ever film a UFO like this, zoom out before you stop recording, people will scream "no reference!"

One more thing, it feels like we should be seeing a full saucer in the video, but why is it that in every close-up the view seems to be obstructed, then again maybe my brain just can't recognize what I'm really seeing.

I'm back and there's no sign of Elvis

Wow, it's been awhile since my last post, to long. I've just had a bad run of health, a cold and a stomach bug, left me feeling body dead and I just couldn't take sitting at the computer, feeling fine now and ready to go.

I'll briefly mention the Galactic Federation of Light's Announcement of first Contact on October 14, a few people contacted me abut this but in not so direct ways, it was like I was missing the punchline of some inside joke. I figured it out eventually by coming across the video and I just thought to myself "dang they're chatty", well the dates have come and gone with no signs of Elvis.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Zeitgeist: Addendum

Zeitgeist: Addendum is part two of the massively popular online video Zeitgeist - The Movie which explored Christianity, 911 and the Federal Reserve. The first Zeitgeist I'd say became popular for inciting debate over it's first act which dealt with Christianity, so much so I'd say the other two acts got left out of the discussion, especially what I feel was the most important act, act three which dealt with the Federal Reserve.

Zeitgeist: Addendum is pretty much all about the worlds monetary system, how everything's tied into it and how it's a concept that is built on something worthless, but manipulates so much. Zeitgeist addendum I feel does a better job of tying it all together, giving us a better understanding of just how our world is run. Addendum is easier to digest than the first movie and without the Christianity block presented in the first, I feel the message is more clearly defined.

Addendum explores how our monetary system works, how countries, societies and the world are manipulated through the use of this system and eventual explores alternatives to our current systems. It all seems so easy to understand after watching Addendum, our current system centers around creating debt and maximizing profits, if we live in a world where every thing is abundant and available to everyone, we would have no meed for money and a system based on worthless numbers.

Addendum proposes that technological advancement is the solution to this problem, I can't grasp this concept fully right now, I do understand tech has made life easier for a lot of us, it's the getting it up and running and available to all that I can't grasp, I guess the first hurdle would be getting abundant, clean, efficient energy up and running.

The release of Addendum couldn't have come at a better time, with the current economic dramas and all, time for a change, time for a better system.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Patterson Gimlin Inspired Bigfoot Sculpture

Beautiful rendition inspired by the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage.

Hospital Ghost Video

Not a lot of info with this one apart form "espectro en hospital de colombia,,
close to the morgue hospital". There's definitely a human shaped figure here, hell it even moves like a human, it also looks to be draped in something, a sheet maybe.

The problem I'm having is that if it is real, it's probably the best ghost footage ever, but there are a few things that make me think it's not real. First the camera quality, looks to be taken from a low quality video camera or even a camera phone, the problem with that is with the amount of image noise seen it's really easy to hide signs of trickery.

Another problem I have is it reminds me a lot of my How to make a fake ghost video video in that it's easy to add a transparent overlay to stable footage, but it's hard adding one to moving footage unless you have the right software, with the video below you only see the figure while the footage is stable.

Then again, they just might not have the luxury of a descent video camera and timing.

Flying Manta Ray

I'd say most probably fake but it does look pretty realistic, it's branded with The Smoking Nug which is an uncensored news and satire site, so they may be having a laugh.

The footage is supposed to be from 1948 of a flying Manta Ray. There are reports and videos of Manta Ray leaping from the sea, but this video shows a Ray flying supposedly 20,000ft in the air filmed from a plane.

Got my giggles anyway.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NZ Paranormal Episode 6

This is the final episode from NZ Paranormal, hope to see them back at it sometime in the future. I've really enjoyed the series, just seeing locals doing there thing locally, it's inspiring.

In this episode you get to see how they go about encouraging ghosts to make themselves known. I've actually not seen any other videos of paranormal investigators doing it like this. There's also photos of Brad having a strange encounter which are pretty freaky.

Again, great series and I hope to see more in the future, cheers NZ Paranormal.

Woman Possessed By 3 Demons

I was sent this video through the contact form and I haven't checked if I'm allowed to share who it's from so for now they'll remain nameless, unless you want the credit?

The video is of a woman supposedly possessed by 3 demons, they say it may have been because of a curse put on her by her husbands lover, it's very distressing and graphic. I have my feelings about exorcism and possessing so I'll leave it at that and let you decide.

Japanese Air Base Ghost Video

This video was taking by a security camera at Kadena Air base in Japan, well kind of, it shows a dark figure that kind of looks like peoples. The dudes who you can hear in the video give the video a good analyzing.

At the very end it does look like the figure is much smaller and closer to the camera than perceived, maybe a bird or bug?

I'd love to know what the focus is like really close to security cameras, I'd imagine it can't be very good.